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Speedy Turnaround Times.

Being Speedy Blinds, let's start with our speed.

5 day turnaround on all Curtains.


No Mistake Guarantee.

Nobody likes mistakes, neither do we.

When we say we make quality products, we back up our claim.

If we've made a product that's not to the specifications on your order form, we'll go on-site and fix the problem.


Our Best Price, Always.

Which came first? Chicken or the egg?

We'll never say 'sell more and we'll give you a better price' because we don't believe in the Chicken or the egg approach.

If we don't look after our clients, somebody else will. So we always put our best foot forward and give the best price we can do right from the beginning.

Curtain Workroom
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We've Got Your Back

If you're working, we're working.

We've all got families, but that doesn't mean we can't do both at the same time. The growth of our clients is what allows us to provide for our families.

Providing assistance whenever needed is part of our business.

Instant Quoting System

Being able to quote on the spot dramatically increase the chances of closing a sale, knowing how much a job is going to cost without having to wait for a reply is paramount to efficient workflow.

Our ordering system doubles as a customizable POS helping you work efficiently and close more jobs.

Direct-to-Factory Ordering Process

A simplified and efficient production process produces products with minimal mistakes.

Our no second-hand data policy means your data is sent directly to the factory for manufacturing, the absence of a middle person handling data allows us to remove the main cause for manufacturing errors.

Popular Fabrics In Stock and Ready To Go

We know fast turnaround, superb quality and a good price leads to closing more jobs. That's why we're further reducing the turnaround times for your customers by having fabrics on the shelf and ready to go. 

Our in stock fabric list is updated live, what you see is what we have. So when it says it's available, you know it'll definitely be there.


Message Sent. We'll be in touch with you soon!




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