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Speedy Blinds is a manufacturer of custom curtains and roller blinds. Our team is a collective of innovative and motivated individuals with a can-do attitude.


The centre of our business revolves around the satisfaction of our clients. This means we’re always seeking ways to improve every little thing we do, from the first phone call, to our instant quotation system, from efficient manufacturing technologies, to the quality of the final product, we believe no matter how much we improve, there’s always a better way of doing things.


It is with this can-do attitude of ongoing improvements that has allowed us to become one of the first companies to develop an efficient manufacturing system being able to offer our clients lightning fast turnaround times on all curtains and blinds.




Fast and efficient automated systems and a team of very hard working people is what makes Speedy Blinds who we are today.



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Speedy Turnaround Times.

Being Speedy Blinds, let's start with our speed.

5 day turnaround on all Curtains; 3 day turnaround on all Roller Blinds.

Quality Products.

Producing quality products starts with sourcing quality raw materials, combine this with high precision machinery and a team of highly experienced tailors is the essence of making quality products.

All fabrics and componentry are sourced from the most reputable and reliable suppliers.

No Mistake Guarantee.

A simplified and efficient production process produces products with minimal mistakes.

Our no second-hand data policy means your data is sent directly to the factory for manufacturing, the absence of a middle person handling data allows us to remove main cause for manufacturing errors.

We stand by our guarantee so if any human error does occur on our part, we'll go on-site and fix the problem.

We've Got Your Back.

If you're working, we're working.

We've all got families, but that doesn't mean we can't do both at the same time. The growth of our clients is what allows us to provide for our families.

Providing assistance whenever needed is part of our business.

Our Best Price, Always.

Which came first? Chicken or the egg?

We'll never say 'sell more and we'll give you a better price' because we don't believe in the Chicken or the egg approach.

If we don't look after our clients, somebody else will. So we always put our best foot forward and give the best price we can do right from the beginning.

Get in touch with us today to see if we're the right fit for you.





Message Sent. We'll be in touch with you soon!




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Your curtains and blinds are made in our own factory right here in Melbourne, with all our fabrics sourced locally. This means fast delivery, reduced transport costs and access to the suppliers' hundreds of fabric designs and colours.


Having the ability to manufacture quality curtains and blinds in-house means we have full control over the standard of the manufacturing, and turnaround times. We scour the world for reliable and efficient machinery to help us produce quality products, combine this with our advanced manufacturing management system gives us the ability to offer the quickest turnaround times in the industry.

Investing in the technological advancements available to us today has allowed our factory to begin manufacturing of your products almost instantly. To minimize human error, there’s never any second-hand data entry and all job requirement data flow straight from the source to the factory, allowing for never seen before turnaround times as quick as 24 hours.


Being Speedy Blinds, we believe it is our obligation to bring you your products faster than everyone else, we’ve never charged extra for the privilege of delivering your products sooner, it’s just something we should do.


So, if you require something urgently, let our friendly team know and rest assured we’ll do our absolute best to accommodate your needs.


Proper Preparation Prevents

Piss Poor Performance



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